How to create a container garden!

What is needed for a container garden?

Mulch; you can purchase from a hardware place or from your local tip (made from tree remains and other organic matter)

compost; you can make your self out of kitchen waste (excluding meats), grass clipping, leaf matter and other natural matter. Or you can purchase from a hardware store.

manure; You can collect from your chicken pen or purchase at a farm or hardware store.

natures soil; from your backyard.

Straw and fertilizer; Purchased

How to create a container garden.


Firstly start thinking of the container you’ll be using, So I for example used a bath tub which eventually turned into bath tub‘S. There easy and very useful. If your considering using a bathtub then I would suggest poking holes in the bottom with a drill or anything you can think of to allow water drainage.

Positioning and layering:

Choose the perfect spot! lots of sun and stabilize the area so the tub is not sloped, so I used bricks to stabilize the tub’s. Then start the fun of layering your soils and straw. So purchased my compost, straw and manure. There is a table below of the layering I have done for all my tubs, you can use this plan for any container. The straw is a fertilizer and retains water which is excellent in summer, all the other layers provide organic matter and support for your plants and seedlings. Enjoy your container garden.


Thick Layer of compost                                                                           Surface of container
Thick Layer of earth’s soil
Sheet of straw
Thin layer of manure and fertiliser (read instructions before applying)
  Thick layer of straw   (you may also put rocks below the straw to avoid blockage of the drainage holes)

     Bottom of container